What you get

Regardless of tier, all ByteKast partners, gain access to a rich library of resources, webinars, tools and helpful assets that will make you shine in front your clients. Our Partners will also be allocated dedicated technical, sales and marketing resources to help realise revenue opportunities and provide excellent technical support.

Our goal is for our partners to independently initiate and complete the sale process while also effectively implementing and supporting the ByteKast LXP solution.

ByteKast has years of experience. We have done the groundwork to find out what works and what does not. Meet the growing demand and start your new EdTech business/business unit – fast.


Support & Training

Gain access to resources to ensure that you have all the tools you need to be successful and start realising solid revenue opportunities that come with sticky recurring income.

Our commitment to offer excellence

ByteKast pushes the boundaries to go beyond traditional elearning by making use of fresh technology that is forward thinking.

Ongoing improvements

Tech is never standing still. Here at ByteKast, you won’t see us sitting on our hands and we regularly launch new features, upgrades and ongoing new improvements.
Our Value Proposition

Create new opportunities to promote your existing content and digital services, or up-sell the next project scope. Plus, experience the benefit of recurring income on a monthly basis.

Reasons to become a Reseller or Syndicator
  1. Digital Learning is the New Norm
    The EdTech industry is booming & remote learning is more important than ever. Currently valued at around $250 billion, the industry is projected to grow to $341 billion by 2025.

  2. Hit the Road Running
    Resellers & Syndicators can expect professional & knowledgeable enablement. Gain access to all our sales material, documentation, processes, legal, technical and support tools.

In short

We are curious to see how our unique native EdTech can disrupt the Micro-Learning Market and make our Resellers shine. We do this by working very close with our trusted network of qualified resellers Our Resellers enjoy empowerment to sell, market and support some pretty awesome tech 😉