Most Innovative Experiential & Episodic Learning Platform Of 2021.

Creating blended pathway learning experiences in a matter of seconds, ByteKast LXP offers a unique and fun way to learn digitally. We speak to Frank Coerlin in the wake of the firm receiving an Education and Training Award. ByteKast LXP (ByteKast) is a learning pathway driven technology platform that enables rapid publishing to any device whilst tracking meaningful insights. Aiming to push boundaries and go beyond traditional e-learning by making use of fresh technology that is forward thinking and blended, ByteKast is digital learning made fun and easy.

The ByteKast Learning Experience Platform allows its audience to engage with interactive learning content using digital card games and delivering instructional content that involves sound (auditory stimuli) and sight (visual stimuli) with a user experience that is modern and effective. ByteKast subscribers get their own brand aligned learning app that can be made available on the App Store, Google Play, OTA (Over the Air), and as a PWA (Progressive Web App) for desktop.

“We at ByteKast are determined to re-imagine the digital learning landscape,” enthuses Partner Alliance Director, Frank Coerlin. “We want to open our platform to key industry players and dominate the digital micro-learning space.”

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of technology, it’s important for ByteKast not to rest on its laurels and to ensure it differentiates itself from the competition to stay ahead of the game. Key distinguishers for the firm include: innovative, self-directed learning in your pocket; learning technology that facilitates and tracks; remote learning capabilities; and rapid publishing on one end to end platform.

“At ByteKast, we started with mobile in mind at a time when the industry was still very much focused on desktop. This has given us a competitive head start within the industry,” says Frank. “The combination of pathway activities and location tracking is a powerful mechanism that allows for learning experiences that incorporate learning events, classrooms, webinars as well as physical remote activities. Seamless to use, ByteKast offers authoring, publishing and tracking of content campaigns that all happen on a single, end-to-end platform.

There is an air of confidence, which helps to deliver great results time and time again, and, above all, the company is dynamic, agile and constantly listening to end-users to help itself improve.

The challenges faced by South Africa and companies such as ByteKast revolve around internet connectivity as well as high internet costs. ByteKast has thus developed technology that can store learning natively on devices allowing for synchronisation to happen when a connection becomes available or when a free hotspot is activated.“We will continue to work with a trusted network of experienced resellers by offering empowerment via our extensive Channel Enablement Program that covers all aspects of selling, marketing, implementing and supporting the platform.”

The internal culture at ByteKast is pioneering to say the least, with team members being encouraged to push the boundaries and always look ahead without making uninformed decisions.

“We at ByteKast are determined to re-imagine the digital learning landscape.” 
Frank Coerlin – Partner Alliance Director.