Minimum Device Requirements

ByteKast is compatible with most standard devices and the latest operating systems. When users experience issues accessing a story or if the story does not run as intended, this may be due to a device issue and it is best to check that the user meets the current system requirements.

The following minimum system requirements apply to all ByteKast users (end users and platform backend users).

Note that the minimum requirements are regularly updated in order to ensure that the ByteKast platform is up to date with the latest technology.

Operating Systems (Mobile & Tablet):

Apple and Android only.

Browser Requirement (for Desktop/Web):

Safari, Chrome, IE Edge, Firefox.

Minimum Device OS:

Android Nougat 7.0+,
Apple iOS 11

Note that ByteKast does not support operating systems that have been deprecated by either Android or Apple and therefore minimum device OS requirements will change accordingly.

Minimum Device Memory:

512MB Ram

Minimum Device Storage:


Minimum Available Storage:


Access to Connection:

Device(s) must connect to download stories and sync data/results.