Byte-Sized Brilliance: Where e-Learning Meets Innovation!

App learning life-cycle experiences for Onboarding, Performance & Training.

We are a full service digital learning & development agency, with a footprint in South Africa, UK, Ireland and the USA. With a team of experienced professionals, we provide expertise in platform development, instructional design, graphic and multimedia production, whilst creating high-quality app learning experiences for onboarding and training. 

We deliver effective skill and knowledge building through our engaging mobile learning platform. Designed to scale learning for any internal or external audience.

End-to-End Platform

Cloud-based software (SaaS) that offers easy authoring & publishing convenience, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Content Development

Tailored learning experiences to each companies unique needs. We empower employees using customizable learning pathways.

User Adoption

Ongoing services include creating and delivering content for end-users, ensuring they effectively use and engage the platform.

End-to-End Learning Platform for Onboarding & Training