Employee Onboarding & Training

E mployee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organization and preparing them for their role within the company. It typically begins after the candidate has accepted a job offer and continues through their first few weeks or months on the job. The onboarding process aims to provide new employees with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to become productive and engaged members of the organization.

Use ByteKast for your team's growth and development. Post streams or stories to new employees as orientation to meeting regulatory compliance training standards. ByteKast keeps company training in check and emoloyees progressing.

Engage with all Employees from the get go. Easy-to-use, engaging training app sets employees up for success. Driven by innovation and committed to excellence, ByteKast brings new hires up to speed faster.

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Online Employee Training that does not have to be complicated.

Customize user experience, design, reporting and dashboards to fit the needs of every team within your organization.

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Give newbie’s the flexibility to take training in their own time,  whether it’s online or offline — on any desktop, laptop or mobile device they choose.