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Custom domain request

Please edit/populate the information in <bold>

Hello <Technical Contact Name>,
We are in the process of setting up <Account Name’s> ByteKast App.

For the web app, we need to assign a custom domain and need to update the DNS records for <parent domain, e.g.> with the following information:

1. 1. TXT Record
Host: <parent domain, e.g.>
Value: <will be supplied by ByteKast – please add value before sending this request>

2. 2. A Record 1
Host: <subdomain, e.g. or just appname>

3. 3. A Record 2
Host: <subdomain, e.g. or just appname>

Important Notes:
Each DNS host provider has adifferent way to set up TXT & A records. When setting up a custom domain, please ensure that you follow the documentation provided by your domain host regarding how these records should be set up.

To check that your DNS settings have been correctly set up, you can use Google’s DNS tool Dig.

Please ensure that no spaces are added around the values provided for the DNS records.
Once you have completed the DNS update please send us a message to confirm.

<Your name and company>

Custom domain requests