What you get.

ByteKast Syndication is an end-to-end platform solution customisable to your Performance, Learning & Development needs.

Expand your digital L&D business offerings by making use of a Market-Ready SaaS that allows for Easy App Deployments and Content Curation. We’ve done the legwork and covered the bases that can ordinarily take years to develop. Existing, replicable technology not only means that we can build new features and platforms faster but also allows for no-code/low-configuration of our SaaS solutions.


Allocation of development

Platforms are never a 100% solution to accommodate all business desires. Allow us to customise your SaaS offering make it a better fit for you and your business.

Grow your platform idea

Develop a SaaS product with us and expand your digital business. We've done the legwork and covered the bases that usually takes years to develop.

Ongoing improvements

Tech is never standing still. Expect regular features, upgrades and ongoing new improvements.You can expect regular updates and improvements.
Our Value Proposition.

Transform your L&D requirement into your branded platform and :