Collaboration & review tool.

M As a content author, you can use Workflow to collaborate with your team. You can access the Workflow tool directly from the Story Editor to leave comments, annotate, and assign tasks.

Workflow is intended for external reviews, whereas for internal reviews team members should directly comment on the editor.




Delgator role

As a delegator, you will be responsible for correlating and managing feedback from users. Your daily tasks are to check on your workflows and assign any unassigned feedback to Authors.

Reviewer role

As a Reviewer, you will be sent a preview link to a story with a secure activation code. Once you have accessed the story you can start submitting feedback to authors of the story. Your feedback is received in real-time and you will also be able to see feedback from other reviewers.


As an Author, you only need to carry out tasks assigned to you by the Delegator. Your involvement in a workflow only happens when a task has been assigned to you.