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Domain Whitelisting & Platform Access

This document serves as a technical specification for organisations operating in secured and/or restricted environments, that have whitelisting requirements.

For users in a restricted network, or where firewalls and related security measures have been put in place, ByteKast domains and subdomains need to be whitelisted in order to ensure seamless platform functionality. Please also ensure that all ports are allowed and whitelisting is in place for any ad blockers that are being used.

Web & Sub-domain Whitelist falkor / *.falkor web domain and sub-domains (* wildcard).

Ensure that the above domains/sub-domains are also whitelisted on any installed ad blockers.

Resolve (used for ByteKast chat services, i.e. Resolve & Workflow)
wss://, port 8443

Realtime Device Syncing (to ensure user logs are synced across devices)
wss://, port 8443

Port 8443 is an alternative port to secure connections 443

Domain whitelisting