Broadcast episodic learning content

Create a meaningful Company Culture.

Create video and audio streams to deliver company culture. Integrate with other streaming channels and broadcast episodic learning that is fast and fresh.

Company Culture

Company Culture

Get new employees going quickly in a easy and fun way. Familiarise them with company culture and values.
Mirco Skills Development

Mirco Skills Development

Publish enablement content specifically catered for your workforce for example enhance communication skills with clients.
Sales & Product Training

Sales & Product Training

Boost sales performance with incentives whilst promoting product knowledge & sales training.

EdTech that is

Breaking the mould

Our technology is all about providing learning solutions that are easy to implement with the end-user in mind, whilst promoting a self-directed learning culture.

Seamless to use

ByteKast offer authoring, publishing & tracking of content campaigns that all happen on a single, end-to-end platform.

Facilitate off-app training

Learning experiences that incorporate learning events, classrooms, webinars as well as physical “off-app“ activities.

73 Apps

Personalized Learning Apps (Apple, Android & PWA)

88 Countries

Africa, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

50 K+

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62578 Users

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Why use ByteKast?

Ongoing problems we solve.... everyday.

Remote learning &

Coach and connect with employees.
Cater for employees with poor or no internet connection.
Schedule webinars or stream learning content.
Collect photographic evidence.
Geo-locate user attendance.
Keep employees up to date and aligned. Not matter where where they are.
Stay on top of your workforce. Track attendance and retention.

Employee recognition

Reward and promote employee excellence.
Boost employee engagement using with leaderboards and nudges.
Unleash full employee potential by identifying those in need of direction.
Incentivise employee performance with QR code driven rewards and certificates.
Train frontline employees on changes in goals, processes and products.
Stream motivational and SME related content that is freely available in a matter of seconds.

Our Reseller Programme

We work with a trusted network of experienced resellers.

Our Goal

Our goal is for our partners to independently initiate and complete the sale process while also effectively implementing and supporting the ByteKast LXP solution.

What we do

ByteKast pushes the boundaries to go beyond traditional e-learning by making use of fresh technology that is forward thinking.

Why we do it

We are curious to see how our unique native EdTech can disrupt the Micro-Learning Market and make our Resellers shine.

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